Glass elevator

Take a short journey flying over table cape and fossil bluff in our glass elevator. journey through a virtual reality glass elevator ride This fully immersive 360-degree Virtual Reality headset visual experience takes the viewer on a ‘glass elevator’ ride flying over Table Cape during Tulip season. Splendid views over the tulips, out past the edge of […]

Sound walk

Table Cape Sound walk immerse yourself in landscape and sound The existing walk between the Table Cape lookout and the lighthouse has been enhanced with a geo location triggered sound walk. Rachel Meyers, a renowned Tasmanian sound artist, composer and musician has a passion for listening deeply to the land, allowing us to capture the […]

moonlight stories

moonlight stories Moonlight Stories 2024 Season 1 June -30 June 2024 Part of the OFF season 2024 campaign, Moonlight Stories offers a visual platform of winter projections of artwork under the moonlight and the stars, imparting knowledge from the artist to the audience.  Moonlight represents an important cultural touchstone to the local Northwest tribe, the […]