Sound walk

Table Cape Sound walk

immerse yourself in landscape and sound

The existing walk between the Table Cape lookout and the lighthouse has been enhanced with a geo location triggered sound walk. Rachel Meyers, a renowned Tasmanian sound artist, composer and musician has a passion for listening deeply to the land, allowing us to capture the sound of this ancient geological structure, Table Cape, in ways that are not humanly possible. Rachel has combined these “listenings” of Table Cape and its surrounds with an original composition she has made for this project to create a multi-sensory walk that takes in the views, flora and fauna of table cape. Rachel’s soundtrack, divined and inspired from the geology and surrounds itself is accessed through a downloadable app for a mobile device that tracks your location on the walk and triggers the soundscape as you wander into specific geolocated parts of the walk.  It is best enjoyed with headphones but can be played through your device. The walk starts at the Table cape lookout car park, and the QR code for the Echoes app can be downloaded onto your device. Alternatively the app can be downloaded below, prior to arrival. The walk takes approximately 30 minutes one way taking your time to enjoy the sensory experience. It is free of charge and available at anytime. It is being launched as part of the Tourism Tasmania OFF Season Winter Campaign.

Image by Jonathon Wherrett

Artist: Rachel Meyers

Tasmanian musician, composer and musicologist Rachel Meyers’ career spans world, folk, and experimental music genres.

As an instrumentalist, Rachel has recorded several albums and toured nationally, performing at festivals around the country including A Festival Called Panama, Dark MOFO, MONA FOMA, National Folk Festival, Cygnet Folk Festival, Maldon Folk Festival, and more.
Deep listening accoutrement.
Sound and vision envelope.

The app for the sound walk can be downloaded either here via the ECHOES link above, or at the start of the Table Cape Walk-either at the lookout, or the lighthouse entry points.  To make the most of the experience, we recommend you listen with headphones, and remove these on your return journey to allow you to listen to the natural ambiance on your return.  You can of course listen without headphones, just with the speaker of your phone. 

Open during daylight hours. 
Please stick to the paths as it is unsafe to cross over the fenced boundaries.

It is often windy and cold at the top of Table Cape- think about bringing a few extra layers you can put on and take off as you need to.

Parts of this walk are accessible by wheelchair via the lighthouse access point, however, there are mild slopes throughout the walk, so the walk may not be suitable for all wheelchairs. The access point from the lookout entry is very steep and may not be suitable for walkers who are unsteady on their feet. There are no handrails on this pathway. 

There is a single steep access near the lookout entry point, the rest of the walk has a few mild slopes.

The sound walk is not suitable for people who are hearing impaired- although you can still enjoy the walk without the sound composition.

Fauna & Flora

Plenty of pademelons, the native wallaby to Tasmania. We do not have kangaroos here as such. You will likely see black cockatoos, superb fairy wrens, and if you're lucky a sea eagle or two.

Bursa Spinosa is a common plant you will see on your walk.