Glass elevator

Take a short journey flying over table cape and fossil bluff in our glass elevator.

journey through a virtual reality glass elevator ride

This fully immersive 360-degree Virtual Reality headset visual experience takes the viewer on a ‘glass elevator’ ride flying over Table Cape during Tulip season. Splendid views over the tulips, out past the edge of the cape, over Fossil bluff and back allow the viewer to experience Table Cape in ways that are not humanly possible.  Key points of interest are marked out in the journey, as the viewer glides over the landscape accompanied by an evocative soundtrack composed by local musician and artist,
Michael Cannon. The viewer has full control over what they wish to look at on the journey, they can look in any direction to enrich their experience of the cape.

Mason Doherty and Jeremy Gralton: Image Cyndia HIlliger


Filming and editing by Mason Doherty. Additional 360-degree drone footage: Jeremy Gralton - Taz Drones Music:

‘Where Falcons Soar’ ©2023, Composed, arranged & performed by Michael Cannon. Edited, mixed & produced by Michael Cannon. Piano by Julie Swain. Violin by Tarryn Kille. Announcements by Cyndia Hilliger.

This exhibit is on tour currently.

Riding the glass elevator with VR goggles.
360 Drone footage of Table Cape.

Flora of Table Cape

There are plenty of pockets of this common bracken fern (Pteridium esculentum) everywhere on Table Cape.