Walking with Giants

Explore a virtual reality table cape from a giant’s perspective. Walk around the cape, pick up objects as you go to learn more about the cape.

This part of the sensing Table cape project, is a collaboration with University of Tasmania, exploring the use of Virtual Reality to create a 3-Dimensional rendering of Table Cape itself. As a digital technology-based virtual reality (VR) simulation learning and placemaking initiative ‘Walking with Giants’ supports users to experience virtual content in an accessible and inclusive environment.  In doing so, the virtual reality explorer is able to stand above Table Cape, with a giant’s perspective, to survey a digital photogrammetry rendering of the cape, and a variety of objects that invite the traveller to explore the cape further.  Picking up an object using virtual reality hands allows the traveller to learn more about the geology of the cape, the tulips and a brief history of the people who have lived on the cape over time

This experience is on loan and not available for public use currently.

This experience is wheelchair friendly. It is not suitable for vision-impaired users. A closed captions text version is available for users with hearing impairments.

Flora of Table Cape

One of the more unusual plants you will see along your walk near the lighthouse is a huge bay tree- This belongs to Robert Jackson and was part of the original kitchen garden the lighthouse keepers had on this site in 1888.