Table Cape table

Follow your curiosity as you explore the cape and surrounds on this interactive table. Learn about geology, edible native plants, tulip growing, the Table Cape lighthouse and much more.

Discover things you never knew about Table Cape. Come and try out the Table Cape table to find out more!

Jo Crothers shares her passion for all things geology. What is the great mystery of fossil bluff?

Let Jo take you on an adventure into the geological history of Table Cape and Fossil bluff. Find out what the big mystery is at Fossil bluff.

Find out the history of the lighthouse and the people who lived by them to keep them.

Dig deep into the history of the lighthouse and why Wynyard needed to have a lighthouse here. Learn a bit about another Jackosn family – the first family of lighthouse keepers at the Table Cape lighthouse.

David is a passionate farmer who specialises in tulips. Just why is table cape the best place to grow tulips?

Let David tell you all about growing tulips and why Table Cape is the perfect place to grow tulips.

reese campbell: passionate native edible plants advocate. Find out what is edible in your garden.

Rees shares her knowledge with you about the fantastic supply of edible native plants in the Table cape and Wynyard area. She is a passionate advocate for growing these plants at home to experience new and interesting local edible plant flavours. 

Henry Hellyers Map of the region 1828

The Table Cape table has been set upon a digital scan of Henry Hellyer’s original map, undertaken when he surveyed the northwest coast for the van Diemen’s land company in 1828. Table Cape is one of the protruding rock formations along the coastline. You can see this full digital scan on the table cape table to inspect the incredible detail of Hellyer’s map.

Flora of Table Cape

The Silver Banksia (Banksia Marginata) is a common native species you will see along the sound walk.

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